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Outbound Social Marketing

Curate Social gives marketers a platform to construct and manage outbound social marketing programs that scale audience awareness and engagement with a unified voice. We connect social programs across the enterprise, expand participation by enabling contributors to focus on what they know best (without requiring each to become a social expert), and we streamline the identification and delivery of audience-topic based flows of great, sharable ideas.

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Curated Content

Each campaign is tied to a topic, each topic is tied to an audience. Team members are applied based upon their area of expertise; some manage campaigns, some find ideas that are sharable, some craft messages, and others distribute the messages. Our platform enables this distributed participation and reassembles each input to deliver high-value, targeted streams of outbound social messages.

Unify, Scale Your Social Voice

Curate Social’s platform is built to solve these specific issues, delivering earned and owned outbound social media engagement at scale. Marketers now have the ability to create topic-based campaigns and enlist an enterprise-wide team to create and distribute a flow of high-value, audience-targeted messages.

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“This is the Best Social Media Content & Conversation management tool I have ever seen.”

“I am a full time PR professional in a organization spanning 20 countries, and my clients have exacting requirements and demands. Having seen the demo and tried Newzsocial, it really is best in class compared to everything I’ve seen out there! – Smith A.” – T 100

We sell a very niche jacket with controllable motion sensors for people with specific needs, and was introduced to the Curate Social team whilst in the US. Having signed up to use the platform and services from their dedicated Australian team, we quickly built up awareness and had sales and distributor enquiries from Japan & Europe. Phenomenal, and worth every cent!
James, the Jacket

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